the sign

In one sense as long as you’re living, you are on your path. Every step you take, every triumph you enjoy and every challenge you face teaches you something important.

Everybody has experienced the feeling of doing something (whether or not you got paid for it) that felt especially true and real. When you’re doing something that you can tell is exactly right for you, time flies. You might be at work, but it feels more like play than work.

When you do something that makes you feel alive and connected to your purpose, you’ll think “I am on my path now!” You feel like you’re doing exactly what you were meant to do.

When you aren’t sure what to do or when you know that whatever you’re doing is not what you are meant to be doing, you’ll say “I’m still searching for my path.”

Elise was a medical secretary. She worked for a large medical practice. Elise liked her work well enough. After a while, doing her job was like breathing. She wasn’t learning anything new but she was comfortable.

One day Elise’s medical practice was bought. Everything at Elise’s job changed for the worse. Within three months, Elise was miserable at work. She hated getting out of bed in the morning.

Elise started reading job ads. She told her sister and her husband “I don’t want to job-hunt, but I have no choice!”

Her sister asked her “Do you want to stay in medical practice administration?” Elise told her sister “What choice do I have? That’s where all my experience is.”

Elise’s sister and husband told her “Elise, you could do any number of things in your next job. You have an opportunity now to look at where you’ve been and where you’re going.

“You get to choose what to do next. If you decide to change career paths now, you can do it. You aren’t stuck in one field just because that’s where you’ve worked for 18 years.”

Elise had been looking at medical secretary jobs, but her sister and husband got her thinking more broadly.

Elise began asking herself questions she had never thought about before: