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Understanding the genetic cause of disease may open new possibilities for people with inherited retinal diseases (IRDs). Declare “Eye Want 2 Know” and speak to your health care professional today about genetic testing for you or your loved one.

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“Genetic testing can help you understand and prepare for your disease.” – Mary Lou Johnson Evans

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Genetic testing can help people with an inherited retinal disease (IRD) avoid misdiagnosis of their disease variation — something relatively common with such rare diseases.

If you or your family member is diagnosed with an IRD, you should consider genetic testing, as it may help confirm or refine important health information. Genetic testing can also open up possibilities to contribute to research or connect with others in the community – including IRD-specific advocacy organizations – for community, support and resources.

Testing can also provide you and your health care professional (HCP) with important information that can help determine eligibility for clinical trials.

Learn more about the benefits of genetic testing through community perspectives on genetic testing – and declare “Eye Want 2 Know” today.